Monday, June 22

Newsletter: Month Six


You're already half a year old! This for me is a major milestone and has made me more reminiscent than other months. I know that only six months ago today you were born but the idea while true seems absurdly impossible. It's like that special moment in time is frozen in another lifetime and now I only know you as the sweet, giggly, happy girl I hold today. As I write this I realize that someday soon this moment will be frozen in the same way and that only makes me want to squeeze you more, kiss you more and love you more.

Speaking of more, you are all about more these days. More inches you grew, more teeth you've cut and more food you like. You are such an adventurer and so quick to try new things or meet new people. Your lack of fear impresses me and most people you meet. You seem to only see good and fun in everything and welcome it all in with open arms. I admire your open mind and willingness to try new things as well as envy it too. ;)

You're now on a steady diet of fruit and vegetables now. You like Japanese curry, sweet potatoes and pears but you really flipped for cherries and bananas. I've never seen you grunt for more at dinner time like you did when we offered you that dish. I not so secretly smiled when you eagerly gobbled down your cherries just like I do. But just like your dad, you love nomming on watermelon and chew on Dad's rinds after he's done. I'm glad for your father that he finally has someone to share his watermelon with.

Besides food, you've started sitting up. You can't quite get yourself to the sitting position but if we sit you that way, you'll hold onto the position and self correct if you're beginning to tip over. You've also taken a spin on the kid cart at daycare. Miss Jackie sent me a picture and there you were beaming with pride at your latest adventure.

I love you so much and I have to say while you've struggled with teething, and I do mean struggled, you are a tough cookie. You shrug off getting shots so when you were wailing in pain during your teething, I knew it was bad. The hardest moment for me, since the breastfeeding letdown, has been during these moments when your pain is almost palpable and I can only offer you teething tablets, orajel or tylenol to ease the pain. I have never felt so useless and been so humbled. But somehow through holding you tight, rocking you and singing your lullaby, we get through it every single time. Last night after a particularly horrific teething moment, your Dad held me close while I cried. I realized in that moment, that there were going to be some things that would be painful for you and that couldn't be fixed easily. It felt so overwhelmingly sad, to think I'd be unable to keep you from pain and sadness. But now as I write this I know I can't keep the pain from you but I will comfort you and help you until the pain has passed...every single time.

All my love,

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