Friday, June 19

Infant Cognition Lab

Today, Violet and I went to the Infant Cognition Lab at the Center for Mind and Brain. This program is teaming up with the National Institute for Health to study brain development in babies. We signed Violet up to be a part of the program a few months ago and recently they called for us to come in.

Violet did some quick little tests that involved her wearing a headband with a sensor on it and watching TV. The first test was to see if she could tell the new face from the old face. Violet did quite well at this and picked out the new face faster than I did. (In my defense, they did look quite similar). In the second test, Violet was supposed to find the new item on the right or left screen. Violet heavily favored the right screen and only noticed the left screen occasionally.

It was really interesting to see how she tracked things and fun to hear her laugh at the videos. For her efforts to science, Violet got a nifty new toy and a little diploma with her picture on it.

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Shanedra said...

That is so interesting and adorable.