Sunday, June 21

Father's Day

For Jourdan's first father's day, we mostly hung out around the house. Unfortunately, Violet was still amidst teething so she wasn't her normally happy self. But that didn't stop Jourdan and I from enjoying fresh blueberry muffins for breakfast. And sometime during the fussiness she was able to read her Dad's day gift with Jourdan and I.

After a long nap, Violet decided we should go to the nearby Pioneer Park and have a picnic. I picked up some Popeye's chicken and we ate some of the blueberry handpies I had made earlier. We then went off to play on the playground and we all took turns on the swings. Once just mom and Violet and another time just Dad and Violet then Violet went swinging by herself in the special bucket swing. Afterwards Violet and I took a very, very quick trip down the slide.

It was a very full day indeed. And one that we will both remember. And sweetheart, I love that when I look into the eyes of our child I see you. Happy Father's Day to a great dad!

P.S. Thanks to Pappy and Grandpa for being great grandpa's!

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